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Cyclehack Amsterdam: 3-day event filled with ideas & Solutions for and by Amsterdam cyclists.

On 19, 20 and 21 of June, in 25 cities worldwide, creative heads got united to improve cycling. In Amsterdam the participants raced from problem to idea to prototype. The three winning concepts are being prepared for launch. Join us next year and maybe your idea will become real!

The three best innovations on Cyclehack 2015

The challenges were presented on Friday: from solving the parking problem around Amsterdam Central Station to improving safety on the Van Woustraat. From ‘Orphan Bikes’ to new urban mobility solutions for a crowded city. Teams were formed and everybody started brainstorming. After two days full of prototyping, brain teasing and laughing the moment was there: presenting the concepts to the jury of Cyclehack 2015. The jury was surprised by the variety of the concepts. 'every presented idea is complete and has potential of being successful.'

- 3th prize -

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De opvouwbare fietskrat/rugzak

Third place is for Remko Siemerink for the 'opvouwbare fietskrat'. A lot of bikes have a crate in front to carry groceries which is a pain in bike parking spots since the bikes are to big to be parked. Also the crate can not be carried around in a store. De 'opvouwbare fietskrat' can be used to carry stuff on your bike and is also a backpack! Making shopping and parking easy.

- 2nd prize -

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Second place is for Ronald van Veen and Corné van Kessel for the solving the orphan bike problem in Amsterdam. LinkLock is a high-tech 'amsterdammertje' (parking pole) with a RFID lock: (1) Government can easy indicate and pick up 'orphan bikes'; (2) Owner receives a notification when the bike is parked for too long; (3) Monitor bike and parking usage; (4) Additional benefit: share your bike without sharing a key. Simply share a code via your smartphone to unlock the bike.

- 1st prize -

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Winner of Cylehack Amsterdam 2015 is Cycle Space! Amsterdam, cycling capital of the world, does not have a physical place where all the knowledge, heritage and innovation comes together. Therefor: Cycle Space, the place where bike magic happens...

- Cyclelabs: worksspots for innovative cycle entrepreneurs -
- The cycling museum -
- Cycle festivals, events, art festivals, schooling -
- Tourists can start there Amsterdam cycle experience here -
- Social workplaces -
- E-bike experience -

In this way Amsterdam will become a hub, facilitating innovative minds in changing urban mobility worldwide.

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